The zeal to improve education sector and come up with a student-centric way of learning, Iftikhar Islam founded the Excellence Foundation and stands as the Chairman since 2017.

He believes the 'education system' to be the backbone of every country. The students produced from every institute must be gems in itself and contribute in every sector - especially the business - and make the society flourish. To produce the extra ordinary citizens he targets the young generations - right from an early age of four to the teens of fifteen and the adults around 20 - 25 years.

His powerful workshops help the students to become a good learners of etiquette and skills so that they acquire knowledge beyond education. The dedication in inspiring the youth makes him a well known name in the field of education.

He believes 'there are no bad students, there are only bad teachers'. Right from the mother's lap a student undergoes various types of inspirations. Only the right knowledge with the right attitude grooms the students in an extra ordinary way, which leads to the birth of gen-next leaders. Parents and teachers are responsible for this.

Iftikhar Islam is regularly invited by the schools and organisations to conduct workshops for the students, teachers, parents as well as for the management to improve the quality of education.