In this immodest era, we do not find good environment for our children and youth to cope up with Islamic values and continue with the academic studies. With a view of at least motivating the youth towards the principles of Islam and give the children a healthy Islamic environment, Excellence Foundation came into existence in the year 2017. It's sole purpose is to focus on education backed by Islamic principles so that Muslim youth is raised as a responsible citizens of the nation and be a role model for the world.

We believe the present education system is producing donkeys in the garb of professionalism. Right education which recognises and develops the skills set of the students is the need of the hour and Excellence Foundation is working towards making education system better.

We inspire the students, teachers, and parents to take part actively to make the education system a place of learning with fun.

It is founded by Iftikhar Islam - a young and dynamic personality who has dedicated his life in making society a better place to live in.